Chemical industry

Working As a Chemical Engineer

In a wide range of different industries and jobs, chemical engineers work. The knowledge and expertise of chemical engineers are required in the manufactures, electronics, agriculture, energy, food, medicine and pharmaceuticals and academic research institutions. The various tasks of chemical engineers depend on their experience and specialization in the industry.

Job types A mixture of science disciplines like mathematics, chemistry and biology may be employed in chemical-engineering jobs. The core responsibility of the trade is to develop solutions to specific industry challenges and needs through the use of chemical concepts.


The tasks that can be performed by the career include monitoring and supervising the production processes and developing and researching new products and processes.

This engineer involves working with a group of other technical professionals in a laboratory environment. Tasks related to research. This responsibility, in addition to the work hands, requires substantial writing of the technical report and science.


Although behind the profession there is a uniting concept, the majority of work carried out by engineers is industry-specific. Engineers that work, for instance, in the power industry or hydrocarbon industry may be involved in the development of chemical applications for renewable energy processing. A food manufacturing engineer could be involved in the development of improvements in shelf life and quality of food.


Additional education and requirements


For jobs that happen to be a very specialised occupation, a degree is necessary. A professional career in teaching and research requires a diploma. Apply and issue State Professional Engineering (PE) licences for professional advancement and career should be a graduate from chemical engineering in addition to simple academic requirements. The requirements for professional licences vary between the United States and each State.


Chemical engineers must continuously train themselves and be trained about the latest technological innovations and scientific trends in the industry, as do people working in medical or highly complex jobs. Get the right experience in work and training. The certificates can also be awarded by recognized professional groups and organisations independent of the State professional licence for specialised training.

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Wages and job prospects


The most numerous chemical engineers in 2008 were probably hired on the basis of the United States Bureau of Statistics and Labor (Development, Resources) and the medical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical sectors. In the same year, the average salary of chemicals engineers across the U.S. is $88,760. Idaho ranked $102,620 with regional average salaries.


While these represent high averages compared to other engineering departments, BLS is predicting that jobs will fall by about two per cent between 2008 and 2018. Nevertheless a range of chemical engineering jobs  should be initiated as a result of emerging trends and demands in biotechnology, energy and other specific scientific studies.