Web Analytic Tools to Track Traffic Trends

After creating a site, the output of a site is critical for an independent web developer. You can find countless resources and tools on the web that allow you to see how many people have visited your site, what features or maybe the most frequently viewed pages are. They help you track traffic on your web, status, actions and requirements of guests. We have built here groundbreaking web analytics tools that provide you with comprehensive reports on hits, visits, single visitors, pages display, top entry pages, performance pages, keywords search, visitor stats, paths click, converting, user tracking and so on.

This tool for monitoring small businesses and blog sites is designed specifically for this purpose. Clicky- It helps the user to review the data so that you can respond to changes in your traffic. You can see a private page history, the domain reference, a search word, etc.


Woopra provides the user with great features to conduct live web and track data, real time analytics, multi website and blog management, deep analysis and search, live chat etc. Woopra offers the user great features.

HitTail- This application helps bloggers to monitor traffic results , improve feedback, and blog from the tool app. HitTail- Yahoo and Google site maps can be produced by publishers and SEM and SEO campaigns can be managed easily by marketers.


Crazy Egg This tool enables a free web developer to monitor , analyse and optimise your site by clicking on your guests. Heatmaps, which shows how popular part of the page is, can be reviewed. It also gives information on top 15 sources, browsers, operating systems, search words, etc.


Piwik- It helps to review comprehensive real-time visitor statistics, keywords and search engines, languages, common pages and much more. Piwik You download and instal a PHP MySQL programme on your own web server.


Coremetrics- This is an optimization solution for digital marketing and web Analytics. Its products allow firms to steadily refine their marketing programmes in order to automatically render the best possible deal anywhere, every time.


Radian6 – Scaleable analytical solutions have enabled you to create unique keywords to monitor a dashboard feature and automatically monitor keywords on various websites for microblogging & image sharing.


MyBlogLog-This is mainly a blogger social media site. It helps you to check who is watching your blog. You can check the statistics on your blog, like clicking and referral info on-site.


Whos.among.us- An additional interesting method to verify visitors to a website / blog in real time. This gives you the ability to verify at any time the total number of guests on your web. It is easy to instal and does not need to be licenced.


Enquiry-This tool helps you to monitor incoming traffic from your search engine and your PPC. A detailed statistical report with page location, landing pages, and geographical data can be displayed.

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