Marijuana – Global Use of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has for many years been used as an illicit pleasure remedy, but internationally it is now used as medicinal aid. “Medical cannabis” is another title for medical marijuana. For the specific substance extracted from the hemp plant, cannabis is another title.

Cannabis is legally allowed in some medical applications in countries in Canada, the United States (depending upon the country), the Netherlands, Portugal , Italy, Austria, Spain, Israel and Finland.


13 states have allowed drug use within the United States. The legislation has now been adopted to allow the plant usage legally with certain rules and limitations in Alaska, California , Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada , New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Vermont.


Many of the 13 countries which voted in legalization require the user to obtain an ID card and adhere to the defined maximum possession limit. Many other countries are also underway with their investigations and legalization.


In Canada, these drugs are sold to patients in particular categories under the CannaMed brand name by Health Canada. These types include patients with end-of – life or who have a deteriorating medical condition. Epileptic seizures are to be helped with extreme pain associated with HIV / AIDS, cancer , arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or probably a spinal cord injury or a disease.


In Spain, since the late 1990s, marijuana has moved towards decriminalization. It is used to treat general pain , fatigue and fatigue in people with HIV / AIDS, cancer , asthma, multiple sclerosis and seizures. Spain has formed groups and clubs for cannabis users.


After 1998, Austria and Germany worked on legalization. Its chemical component, THC, is still reclassified through drug restrictions and scientifically studied.


A English study found that medical marijuana benefited and strengthened the following symptoms, illnesses or perhaps conditions:


— Arthritis-Arthritis

— Injury brain / blowjob

— Sclerosis in multiples-

— Chemotherapy nausea during cancer treatment


— Confidence.

— Epileptic disorder


— Migration

— Diseases of eating

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Medical cannabis is smoked, ate or vaporized into a spray application in the form of a THC tablet, or even liquid form. Cookies that can be bought with a prescription that medically contain the medication can be found.


In the medical world there is still some debate about the effectiveness of marijuana. Many physicians strongly support substance use, while others are hesitant to support something that may have harmful side effects. If you live in a country or even a country where medication is legalized, it becomes a private option created with the aid of a doctor.