Here’s Why the Cryptocurrency Dash Puts Bitcoin to Shame

Today, all the rages are cryptocurrencies.

You see headlines of a 1000 percent rise in “coins” like Bitcoin almost everywhere. But what value does it give? When did you use bitcoin at what time?


This is primarily due to the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction. It is not realistic at this time. However there are additional coins available to replace bitcoin as the No. One cryptocurrency.


The nuances of cryptocurrencies have a lot to be learned, but this article is far more about seeking an investment opportunity than about the science behind them.


A bitcoin bubble?


The concept of “mining” is key to what you are studying. This is the very cornerstone of cryptocurrencies. Just as new Bitcoins are being developed.


In easy words, the “miner” solves a complex mathematical problem by special software and is thus rewarded with new bitcoins. Next the transaction is held in block chain, which are officially distributed in all those new Bitcoins.


When ever more bitcoins circulate, it is longer and difficult to mine them and even less profitable. Although about 80% of possible Bitcoins are currently in circulation, the final one is only mined in 2140.


As many people know, Bitcoin saw this year an immense rally. It actually amounted to around 1200 percent in the previous year, leading many people to feel that it is in a bubble.


Bitcoins have been worth more than 150 billion dollars in circulation. If Bitcoin was an industry, it would be the top fifty in the U.S.


Indeed, I consider Bitcoin to be far more precious than the other cryptocurrencies, as it was the one which broke through the mainstream initially. However that remains relevant. At least it provides something to improve for other coin developers.


The best thing is that there’s plenty of other cryptocurrencies even though you think you’ve missed the boat with Bitcoin. Of course, some are scams, but some have real potential.

One of the ones I consider to be true is Dash, which is realistic.


Digital Cash Dash:


First of all, Dash is relaxed in front of the game. Today, typical Bitcoin transactions take about 10 minutes to an hour. Dash is the main cryptocurrency that is easily transferred (under 1) and second between parties, making it more practical when shopping online or in a shop.


One of the most enticing features of Dash is that 10 percent of the newly mined coins are awarded to Dash DAO. In short, the DAO is Dash’s treasury. This is four million dollars a month, which he will use at present costs over $600 a coin.


You have to remember that no other coin is continuously sponsored like this. The Dash DAO will build and market the currency with this money.


Any person may also apply a project idea to improve the Dash value. Thousands of Dash developers would then vote on the project. Partnerships with shops are a good example to make Dash a successful exchange for their products.


These developers of course make money from Dash, so something that helps and promotes the currency is appealing.


This creates a loop effect in which the currency is much better financed and sold, and the DAO allows much more cash, and is much more capable of marketing Dash.


A Dash Breakthrough


Dash can currently be bought for services or items at over 300 physical stores and more than 100 pages. But the advance for the marijuana company will arrive.


Banks today are not allowed to deal with marijuana transactions; it all has to be done in cash. Sellers are unable to bring their money from their bank sales.


This not only brings the risk of being stolen, but these companies have to pay for the storage and transportation of cash. That adds up quickly.


It would be perfect for these suppliers to be able to use Dash. It would also mean wonderful stuff at Dash’s expense.


The best thing is that change has already started. In April, Dash collaborated with the Alt 30 6 digital payment system, with collaborations with some of the country’s leading provider companies for the management of business apps.


These tech companies monitor hundreds of transactions and service providers. So Dash users now have a wide range of ways to use the currency.

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Since Dash officially grew to Alt 30 6 on October 11th, its price tag has increased 118%. It’s only a half a month out.


Just the Start


I assume that Dash has plenty of room to climb forward with a market ceiling of just $4.8 billion compared to Bitcoin’s $156 billion.


The marijuana industry is just the beginning of Dash, but it’s a good one. Legal revenues in 2016 amounted to about seven billion dollars. On the black market another $46 billion has been sold.


And with more stores opening and marijuana legal, the legal figure is projected to amount to 203 billion dollars by 2021 and 50 billion by 2026.


Once more for Dash, this is just the start. It is a viable replacement for cash due to its specific immediate transaction feature, give it an advantage over other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

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