A Short History Of BB Guns

The word “BB” commonly used as air weapons projectiles 1886 for ball bearings. This is a 0.180 inch diameter lead shotgun of BB size. These BB arms consist mostly of maple wood with a lot less metal.

During 1887 C. He introduced a metal air gun to Hamilton, who was the inventor for.22 rim blast. When exhibiting his new creation before the local industrialist, Mr Lewis Cass Hough, he exclaimed “a kid who’s a Daisy!” The construction of the aircraft was so genius that it was also quick to use BB’s shots. Mr Lewis Cass Hough commissioned this special feature to launch the development of hundreds of small aircraft in 1888. Mr. Louis Cass Hough iron mill started manufacturing bb pistols under the title “Daisy BB pistols” when the air arms were gaining in popularity. The Lewis Cass Hough windmill company re-corporated in 1895 and now produces under the same name as The Daisy Manufacturing Company.

The lead BB shots were used for Daisy gun projectiles until the first years of the last 100 years. Daisy later began making a smaller lead shot compared to the first one, and a diameter of approximately 0.175 inches. These lead shots were the property of the Daisy Company only, and children were to buy them directly from the company. The velocity of the projectile increased because of a decrease in the dimensions of the brand new lead projectiles of the BB firearm. This made it simpler to use small diameter spring wire. The guns then shot and quickly cocked the projectiles with the exact same speed.

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Other BB arms manufacturers also soon produced the latest lead shots model that had been buckled by the older name of BB weapons. BB guns began fielding reports of broken barrels in the mid-20th century. The key cause of the problem was the use of unnecessarily large BB steel shots. They were founded under the name Bull’s eye by a company in Minneapolis. Since steel shots were lower than first BB gun shots, they became more common. In 1928 Hough signed an agreement with Bull ‘s Eye named Daisy to be the only retailer for Bull’s eye steel shots. This arrangement has proven beneficial both to the companies as Daisy began receiving a share of the profit and also to American Ball.


Over time, the BB guns’ style has changed many times to establish better standards. The arms are flat and non-flat.

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